With the similar appearance shared by skid, base, and pallet, it’s hard to say which one is a skid, base, or pallet. Every person in the shipment and packaging industry must have asked the one million dollar question of what a skid is or which of this three shipment equipment is a skid.

The simple definition of a skid is a pallet without a bottom deck. It has the stringers, deckboards, hardwood blocks, and leadboard like a pallet but lacks the bottom deck. A more appropriate definition describes a skid as a single deck pallet or a platform on stringers.

The stringers act as the foundation of the skid. The two stringers on both sides of the skid touch the ground, and every other part is attached. This is why some people love to call stringers skid runners.

What are the differences between a skid, pallet, and base?

As mentioned above, the main difference between skids and pallets is the absence of a bottom deck in the skids. However, this little difference in the construction of a skid impacted its functions. Pallets are more stable during transportation. The bottom deck in pallets allows them to manage the torque experienced during transport, which could break a skid. It’s the same reason why forklifts can easily load and unload pallets without damage.

Skids are meant to be a permanent foundation for heavy equipment. It’s used in industries to keep heavy machines like HVAC off the ground. Likewise, its construction makes it easier to pull heavy machinery from one place to another, which is impossible with a pallet. Pallets are suitable for racking.

The base is used for displaying heavy machinery and equipment. It shares similar construction with a skid, but it’s sometimes built lighter and has sides for stability and support. Bases are usually custom designed to accommodate heavy loads and protect delicate products.

What is a skid ideally suited for?

Companies mostly use skids to transport products, like steel and metal, to end users because they are less expensive. Manufacturers can easily give them out to customers because their lack of a bottom deck makes them cheap.

Custom skids can be made to withstand heavy machinery’s weight, making skids the perfect permanent foundation for heavy equipment. Skids are also used in the lawn and garden industry as a foundation for flower vases and beautiful stones.

Deciding between a skid, pallet, and base?

Each one of these three has its special functions. The skid provides the foundation for transported goods, the pallet ensures stability during travels, and the base is your best pick for displaying heavy machinery like a motorcycle. You can decide which one is best for your product by considering the weight and fragility of the product and how it will be transported. Also, you can take the easy route by contacting us.