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Place your pallet order today! Our representatives will be happy to meet your requirements for custom, used or recycled pallets. With a stellar record of top standard products and customer service, Upstate Packaging Solutions is your go-to partner supporting your optimized operation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is pallet?

A pallet is a generally used gadget for moving and protecting all types of goods. It is sometimes defined as a transport unit, being a platform for transportation and storage.

Pallets can be made of a number of materials, including plastic, wood, or even cardboard. They can be made in a big range of shapes and sizes, and pallets can also be designed mainly for specialty goods.

What type of pallet services do you offer?

Our services contain: brand new pallet manufacturing and recycling of most common sized pallets.

What type of features do I need to provide when placing an order or asking for a quote?

When talking pallets with us, you would favor size, type of lumber, i.e. used or new, whether it would be used for export overseas, weight to be managed by a pallet, space in between boards, whether an extra stringer is needed in case the weight is too heavy, whether you need softwood or hardwood, and any other specification you deem necessary.

How can I measure a pallet?

You can measure a pallet in imperial or metric. The first one is the measurement of the stringer and runner and the second one is the measure of the board. A pallet board lays flat across the bottom and top and on the other hand, the stringers run in between them being a support.

What will be the full cost of pallets?

The cost may change as per pallet standard and size. As well, the price of new and used pallets may also change. If you want to know our pricing, then you can contact our staff members anytime either by call or via filling our online form.

What is the difference between a reconditioned and remanufactured pallet?

A remanufactured pallet is comprised of boards and stringers that have been recovered from disassembled pallets or has some fresh components such as stringers. A reconditioned pallet is a repaired pallet.

What is your lowest order quantity?

There is no lowest quantity. We will build, quote, and ship any quantity of pallets.

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