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Specializing in custom crates and pallets. We create boxes, custom pallets, crates, and wood packaging products to fit any industrial application.

What we do

Pallets, Dunnage, Custom Crates, & More


Think durable padding and cushioning material used to load and secure cargo during transportation.


Top and bottom deck, stable, convenient for racking and easily hauled by a forklift. We provide custom pallets.


No bottom deck, less friction, and takes up less space when nested.


Pretty much a box with four walls and a floor for products that need to be securely stored. We provide custom crating.


Ship your product to us and we will package and ship your product for you.


We can handle any of your dunnage needs with our box packaging.

High Quality, Secure

Custom crates and pallets are the base of industrial transport packaging. Wood pallets, industrial containers, and crates are used to move, stack, store and ship industrial and manufactured products. These are the types of wood packaging products that rarely concern consumers, but they are very important in getting manufacturers products to market safely.

Expert Packaging Solutions

Upstate Packaging Solutions does not just build crates, we provide crating solutions. Our specialty is customized work to meet your special needs.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Our aim is your full satisfaction. When you contact us, you will forever be dealing with the concerned owner of the firm. We are committed to excellence, honesty, timeliness and quality. We take amazing pride in our services and products. We want your skid or crate to reflect not just our commitment to our standard but yours as well. 

Honest Prices

All of our products are fully priced. Each customer’s order is evaluated and produced with a particular customer needs in mind. We service military and commercial prime and sub-prime contractors as well as individual customers.


From little boxes to big containers, for 1 time use or continued re-use, Upstate Packaging Solutions custom designed boxes and crates, all tailored to your specific needs and delivered to your door – pick up also accessible.

All of our products can be constructed to typical standard or completely customized to your special or custom specifications. We want your crate to reflect not just our commitment to standard but your as well.

Customization can contain anything from: the type of wood used, two-way bases, four-way bases, foam padding, notched bases, moisture barriers, vacuum sealed bagging, glued, screwed, nailed, ramps, handles, etc.

We also custom build our interiors to safely house your product, including specs such as designated compartments, foam, custom tie-downs, and materials to decrease moisture.

Pallets & Skids

Upstate Packaging Solutions uses a pallet design system to engineer load-reliable, affordable pallets and skids. We design our skids and pallets to meet your rigid needs and requirements.

Accessible Pallets & Skids

  • Light duty pallets and skids
  • Stringer pallets
  • Two-way pallets
  • Four-way pallets
  • Heavy duty pallets & skids

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